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Carry All of Your Friends with a 15 Passenger Van Rental

Transporting a large number of people over a long distance can mean renting out a passenger van. The type of van that you choose can depend upon exactly how many people you have to fit into the vehicle, and what other cargo you intend to carry. There are several reasons why we offer a selection of high quality vans, including 15 passenger van rental options from Ford. The prime reason is that when you need to take a lot of people with you, and still need plenty of room, the 15 passenger vehicle is the best option for both you and your fellow traveler

Carry All of Your Friends with a 15 Passenger Van Rental in new england


When you are transporting a large number of people over some distance, a passenger van can be one of the best ways to make sure that you get to your destination conveniently, and as comfortably as possible. A passenger van can be a great way to ensure that everybody has the best ride you can offer, and that your journey is fully secure. When you want one of the best transportation vehicles around, then a Ford passenger van could be the best option for you and your passengers. I

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One Way Passenger Van Rental

Sometimes, you need to get to a new destination as quickly as possible, and you have too many passengers for a standard rental car. What you need is assistance from our company, as we can offer one way passenger Van rental, so that you can pick up your van from one location, and then drop it off at another. This is very convenient if you are taking a number of people on a trip to the airport, or if you are carrying them for another purpose which only requires a single direction journey.

the 15 passenger van rental is perfect for company outings in England

The 15 Passenger Van Rental is Perfect for Company Outings

It is not uncommon today for businesses to send groups of employees to conferences, meetings, fundraisers and other corporate functions. Your company may have special plans to send a team to a particular location to attend a conference or represent your company at a convention or expo. When this is the case, you want to make sure you have a vehicle that can accommodate everyone for the trip and everything you need to bring along. Instead of having six or seven separate cars all traveling to the same location, it makes much more sense to look for something like a 15 passenger van rental to use for your company outings.

the 15 passenger van rental is perfect for company outings in England

A One Way Passenger Van Rental is a Great Idea

We all face times in our lives where we may need to move a lot of stuff or a number of people to a particular location. If you have just sold your home and are moving to a new place, while the moving van can take most of your belongings, you may have a larger crew of people to move to the new place as well and do not have a vehicle large enough to hold everyone.

Rent Ford Passenger Van

Rent a Ford Passenger Van for Your Weekend of Fun

Planning a big weekend with your family, friends or co-workers gives you all something to look forward to. You know you are going to have a great time, whether you are all going together to a party, reception, beach area, casino or anyplace else.

You Should Go for a Full-Size SUV Rental

Even though the economy has seen a turnaround for many people, many of us are still looking to do things well within our means and budget. This approach affects how we vacation today, especially if you are planning to take a ...

A Great Tip for Travel This Year – A Passenger Van Rental in Boston

Now that summer is here, and school is out, you likely are thinking about the family vacation you plan to take this year. There are endless possibilities of places to go, and many more people are turning to taking to the roadways and driving to their vacations this year.

A Ford Transit Van Rental is Perfect for Company Business

When you own or operate a business of any kind, there are going to be times where you need to transport employees, clients, or customers to locations for a variety of reasons. Perhaps you are attending a conference that is of importance to your business. You may have the need to take potential clients on a tour of a particular area.

Adventure Vehicle Rental 8 Passenger Van Rental

he summer is well underway, and you are trying to work out the details for your summer vacation with the family this year. You all love to take that trip to the beach so you can enjoy the sun, sand, and surf; however, when you take a look at the car you have at home, you know there is no way you can fit everything. Just all your gear and all your luggage will take up all the room, never mind fitting people in as well. Instead of instantly shelving your beach idea, there is a way you can make it happen and have all the room you need. You can head to the beach with an 8-passenger van rental from us at Adventure Car and Van Rental and get there in comfort.

Ford 15 Passenger Van Rental In Maine

Any time that you have larger group of people together for an event, transportation is going to be an issue. It could be you are planning on attending an event or conference at work with a group, or perhaps you are planning something special with family and friends for a few days or a week. Whatever the situation may be, finding an efficient way to get everyone where they need to go can be a bit of a hassle. When you are making any arrangements like this, it is a good idea to keep in mind that you could always rent a Ford 15 passenger van to answer all your travel questions and keep everyone together.

Passenger Van Rental Maine

You and your friends have talked about taking a road trip for months, and now it seems like all your calendars are in sync and you can make it happen. The problem is that there are twelve of you that want to go and there is no way you are all fitting into just one car. It seems a waste to travel in two, three or four cars and you can save time and money if everyone was together for the trip in one vehicle. What should you do? The answer is quite simple for you. You need to take your road trip in a passenger van rental in Maine you can get from us at Adventure Car and Van Rental.

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