8 Passenger Van Rental

The summer is well underway, and you are trying to work out the details for your summer vacation with the family this year. You all love to take that trip to the beach so you can enjoy the sun, sand, and surf; however, when you take a look at the car you have at home, you know there is no way you can fit everything. Just all your gear and all your luggage will take up all the room, never mind fitting people in as well. Instead of instantly shelving your beach idea, there is a way you can make it happen and have all the room you need. You can head to the beach with an 8-passenger van rental from us at Adventure Car and Van Rental and get there in comfort.

All the Room You Want

When you rent one of our passenger vans, you can have all the room you need for gear, luggage, and passengers without any worry. Our passenger vans have the space you want for your trip, so everyone can sit comfortably, whether you are driving 30 minutes away or several hours. We have vans that have removable seats so you can take the room you need for your bags and beach gear and still have space leftover for comfort. Many of the vans even have the capability for trailer attachments so you can tow your jet ski, boat or other items you want for the beach.

Head to the Beach with an 8 Passenger Van Rental

Great Features, Affordable Rates

An 8-passenger van rental from us at Adventure Car and Van Rental offers you the latest model vehicles with the features you want most for your travels. You get a vehicle equipped with a backup camera so you can see clearly when maneuvering and a lane alert system and navigation to help you on your route. Best of all, our rental rates are very reasonable so you can rent a van and have it fit right into your vacation budget without any trouble.

Book Your Vehicle Today

Start planning that vacation today and book your 8-passenger van rental with us at Adventure Car and Van Rental. You can take advantage of our easy booking online at our website at www.adventurevehiclerental.com. You can also give us a call at 617-783-3000 to speak with a member of our staff and arrange for the ideal vehicle that will help to enhance your trip this year.

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