Carry All of Your Friends with a 15 Passenger Van Rental in new england

A One Way Passenger Van Rental is a Great Idea

We all face times in our lives where we may need to move a lot of stuff or a number of people to a particular location. If you have just sold your home and are moving to a new place, while the moving van can take most of your belongings, you may have a larger crew of people to move to the new place as well and do not have a vehicle large enough to hold everyone. Finding a solution to this problem is a lot easier than you may realize. You can simply look into getting a one-way passenger van rental to help ease the burden, make travel easier and save some money on transportation for your move.

Take a Group and Items Together

Depending on the size of the group you are moving, you may get a van that can comfortably hold all of the passengers and their personal belongings that they did not want to pack. Here at Adventure Car and Van Rental, we offer several makes and models of larger passenger vans that can be ideal for your purposes. We have vans that will accommodate up to fifteen passengers in one vehicle so that you have plenty of room for the ride to your new home. Even if you only have eight or ten people to transport, the extra room is perfect for any luggage you are traveling with, so you can store everything safely.

The Advantage of One-Way Rentals

A one-way passenger van rental has several advantages to it for you. You will have plenty of room for everyone, but you can also drive the van to the location of your new home and return it to the nearest rental location operated by our offices. This rental will save you from the hassle of having to return the van back to your original location and then find your way back to your new home. You will not have to spend hours driving back and forth and can simply drop the van off when you are done.

The Right Place for Rentals

If you are interested in the possibilities of arranging for a one-way passenger van rental, then you want to make sure you contact us at Adventure Car and Van Rental. You can give us a call on our toll-free line at 617-783-3000 and speak with a member of our team to find out all of the particulars involved in a one-way rental and secure the size and type of vehicle you need to make your move an easy one for you.

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