Ford passenger van

Want to rent a Ford passenger van? We can help!

When you are transporting a large number of people over some distance, a passenger van can be one of the best ways to make sure that you get to your destination conveniently, and as comfortably as possible. A passenger van can be a great way to ensure that everybody has the best ride you can offer, and that your journey is fully secure. When you want one of the best transportation vehicles around, then a Ford passenger van could be the best option for you and your passengers. I

Ford and passenger transportation

When you are transporting a large number of people, up to 15 passengers in some cases, then it makes sense to rent out a vehicle that can provide them with as much comfort and convenience as the driver. We offer a variety of different passenger vans which are designed to provide great comfort to the passengers, including fully contoured seats, which also include reclining positions, supportive headrests, and removable seats to allow you to add additional luggage or cargo.

Design and style

The range of passenger vans offered by Ford include several, which are known for their well-proportioned seating, providing ample legroom for passengers and side opening door so that everyone can leave quickly at the end of the journey. Drivers will be keen on the higher fuel economy, and hassle free drive. They may also welcome the alarms, including a parking aid for reversing into position, and large mirrors to allow you to see all around the side of the car. Along with towing capability, plenty of room for cargo, and a comfortable drive, the passenger van may be ideal for drivers on long trips.

Benefit from passenger van rental

If you need to transport several passengers at once to a new destination, then choosing to rent a Ford passenger van from our fleet can be the best option. You can select the ideal van to meet your needs, and discuss your requirements with our expert team. Being able to choose the perfect passenger van for your requirements is easier if you contact us through our website, or call our New England vehicle hire firm on 1-617-783-3000 today to speak to a member of our team.

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