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One way passenger van rental

Enjoy a Trip with One Way Passenger Van Rental

Sometimes, you need to get to a new destination as quickly as possible, and you have too many passengers for a standard rental car. What you need is assistance from our company, as we can offer one way passenger Van rental, so that you can pick up your van from one location, and then drop it off at another. This is very convenient if you are taking a number of people on a trip to the airport, or if you are carrying them for another purpose which only requires a single direction journey.

Going one way

With most passenger Van rental services, you have to hire the van for both directions, returning it to the same place that you picked it up from. While you can get one way rentals for most cars and small automobiles, it is much harder to rent out passenger vans for a single destination. We are able to offer you a service which will allow you to take your vehicle from a location close to your home, or to your current position, and drive it to a new destination. This gives you greater freedom when choosing how to get to a new location.

Choosing your destinations

We are able to offer you our services from a number of locations in the US, including transportation from Boston and Manchester, New Hampshire, to Portland, Somerville or Southborough in MA and locations in Rhode Island. This means that you can drive through several different states, depending upon where you need to get to. The benefits of choosing a one-way hire means that you can simply pick up your van from your original location, and then travel to your chosen destination without having to drive back when the journey is complete.

Benefit from passenger van rental

You want to have the easiest journey as possible, and to get to your destination without any hindrance. With our one-way passenger van rental service, you can enjoy the perks of driving with your passengers to your destination, without the worry of having to drop of the van to it's original location. To find out more about the services we offer, and the locations of our drop-off points, visit the website, or call our New England vehicle hire firm on 1-617-783-3000 today to speak to a member of our team.

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