Take a Group Out For the Day with Our Ford 15 Passenger Van

Travelling as a group can be a complicated business. If you make the journey in multiple vehicles, then you may need to shepherd everybody along the same streets, remaining in constant communication with all of the other drivers. It can be easy to be frustrated if you travel in a number of cars, which is why we always recommend that group outings make use of our Ford 15 passenger van range. By renting one of these vehicles, you can all journey together, and make the trip much easier, and at Adventure Vehicle Rental you can get a number of different options to best suit your group.

Business Outings

One of our largest customer bases is companies sending employees on outings such as meetings, fundraisers, conferences and functions. If your company wishes to send a group of colleagues to a location in order to train them or treat them to a fun day out, then a large passenger vehicle can be the best option for transporting everybody. It means that you can keep an eye on everyone, and nobody will get lost or delayed. Travelling together can also enhance a group bonding session, since you will be all travelling together for some time.

Head to the Beach with an 8 Passenger Van Rental

Renting For Family Groups

We are also seeing a significant rise in the number of family group outings that require a large passenger vehicle. Family get-togethers tend to be more difficult to organize than business outings, and this makes even more important that you choose a large passenger van that can accommodate all of your family members. In order to make sure that you have enough room for everyone, a larger vehicle such as a 15 passenger Ford may be the best solution. Ordering one of our newer vans can also ensure that you get the latest amenities such as air conditioning and digital radio.

Contact Us Today For Passenger Vans

When you need a reliable passenger van to travel to a particular destination, contact us immediately. We can provide you with a variety of Ford 15 passenger van options from our many offices around Massachusetts. With our help, you find the perfect people carrier for your needs. You can start the process and hire a specialist car from our team by calling 1-617-783-3000 for Boston. You can also reach us by emailing info@paxsvan.com for our Boston offices.

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