the 15 passenger van rental is perfect for company outings in England

The 15 Passenger Van Rental is Perfect for Company Outings

It is not uncommon today for businesses to send groups of employees to conferences, meetings, fundraisers and other corporate functions. Your company may have special plans to send a team to a particular location to attend a conference or represent your company at a convention or expo. When this is the case, you want to make sure you have a vehicle that can accommodate everyone for the trip and everything you need to bring along. Instead of having six or seven separate cars all traveling to the same location, it makes much more sense to look for something like a 15 passenger van rental to use for your company outings.

Greater Comfort for All

Renting a van like this can make travel much more comfortable for everyone involved. Each person will have plenty of room during the trip instead of getting pushed together in a smaller car or van. These cans also offer plenty of cargo space so you can be sure you have enough room for all of the luggage needed and anything else you may need to bring to your location, like equipment, documentation, promotional giveaways and more. Newer vans are also equipped with the latest amenities to make traveling in the van safer and more comfortable for everyone so that they can relax and enjoy the ride.

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Finding the Best Deal

There are not many companies that may offer a 15 passenger van rental, so you are going to want to shop around to find the best rental company with the right price. Here at Adventure Car and Van Rental, we have several large passenger vans that you can choose from for your travels. You can select the van that has the size and space you need for your trip and get your vehicle for very competitive rates. You can even make arrangements to have your vehicle brought to you to save you some extra time.

The Place to Go for Van Rentals

The next time your company is in need of a 15 passenger van rental, make sure you call us at Adventure Car and Van Rental for your vehicle. You can contact us at 617-783-3000 to find out more about the availability of different vans for your trip and make your reservation quickly and easily right over the phone. You may also visit our website at to see the vehicles we offer, learn more about us and make your reservation safely and securely online so that you have just the vehicle you need for your business travel.

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