Valuable Tips for Your Next 6 Passenger Vehicle Rental

Valuable Tips for Your Next 6 Passenger Vehicle Rental

That trip with your family or your next business trip with colleagues is coming up soon, so the time is right for you to start shopping around to make sure you get the right car or vehicle for your trip. You want to be careful when you make your rental plans, so you are sure to get a vehicle that meets all your needs and offers you the best price. Driving with a larger group of five or six people creates certain issues for you when looking for a vehicle, and there are some valuable tips you may want to consider for your next 6 passenger vehicle rental to make sure you get the best vehicle at the best price.

Find the Right Rental Service

When you need a larger vehicle like an SUV, minivan, or van for your trip, you can be much better off turning to a rental service that specializes in larger vehicles. While there are many recognizable names of rental services today that you may look at, the problem with them is they often have very limited numbers of larger vehicles to rent out. This can make it more difficult for you to get the vehicle you need from them. A specialty rental service has a larger selection of bigger vehicles so you can be sure to get what you require.

Better Rates for a Larger Vehicle Rental

Cost is always a factor to you and making sure you choose wisely regarding your 6-passenger vehicle rental is important to you. Big name car rental services will generally charge quite a bit more for you to rent a larger vehicle, and the trip may end up costing you much more than you first expected. At a specialty rental service like we offer at Adventure Car and Van Rental, you will find you get much better rates for your rental so that the vehicle is more affordable for you for your trip.

Choose the Rental You Need from Us

The next time you need a passenger van rental in RI, working with us at Adventure Car and Van Rental can assist you in avoiding some of the common mistakes people make during rentals. We will provide you with a quality vehicle at a great rate and are clear about the fees involved in our rentals, so you know just what to expect. You can find out more about us and make a reservation with us when you go to our website at

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