A Better Solution – A Large Passenger Van Rental in Allston

If you have a large family traveling together and coming into the Boston area, or your team is flying into town for a tournament, or your business group is coming in for a conference, finding the best way for all of you to get around together while you are in the area is important. So many times people end up renting multiple vehicles, paying more for rates and then risking traveling separately and having someone not arrive on time for an event. There are better solutions available to you that can help you avoid potential problems during your trip. You can turn to us at Adventure Car and Van Rental and get larger passenger van rental in Allston that is perfect for your group.

Smaller Van Rental is not the Answer

Too many of the big-name vehicle rental agencies that you find today say they have passenger van rentals, but when you go to look at the vehicles available, they often have vans that can only accommodate seven people at the most. If you are traveling with ten, twelve, or fifteen people, a solution like this is not viable for you. Here at Adventure Car and Van Rental, we offer quality passenger vans to accommodate the larger group size that you may have for your trip so you can all ride together in comfort.

Head to the Beach with an 8 Passenger Van Rental

More Leg Room in a Van Rental

One of the great things about a larger passenger van rental in Allston from us at Adventure Car and Van Rental is that our vans can provide the extra room everyone needs to be comfortable for your travels. When you choose one of our larger vans, while the vans can seat more people, they do not sacrifice any leg room or head room. Everyone can sit comfortably for your ride and have plenty of room to relax.

The Van Rental and Rates You Want

At Adventure Car and Van Rental, we offer you a passenger van rental in Allston that is comfortable, convenient, and affordable for you. Look at the rental options we have available here on our website and make an easy reservation with us online. You can also telephone us at 617-783-3000 to ask questions or make a reservation over the phone when you speak with one of our staff. Get a larger van rental for your next trip so you can make sure everyone stays together and is comfortable for your stay.

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