Get More Than a Hire Car with a Conversion Van Rental

You want to rent a vehicle, but you are tired of boring old passenger vans. Instead of hiring out a standard people carrier, you want something more exciting and original. If you are thinking of hiring out a van when you next come through Boston, you may be interested to hear how we can help to experience more adventure with our conversion van rental program. When you rent one of these vans, you can go out and do more with your time. That way, the van will be a help rather than a hindrance when you are travelling in an unfamiliar location.

What Is A Conversion Van?

If you have never heard of a conversion van before, then you may not know what to expect when we suggest that you rent one. These vans are in fact standard passenger or cargo vans which have been sent to another company in order to be fitted out with additional features. In these vans, the vans have rear seating removed in order to turn them into shuttle buses or limos. They can also have bespoke conversions which allow the van to carry more items for industrial work. All of these re-fittings turn the van into something more unusual.

What Kind Of Conversion Styles Are There?

The type of conversion van that you choose will depend very much upon what you needed to do. Basic vans, such as a travel van, can be used for travelling long distances with a large group of people. Office vans can be constructed to contain a small office space to allow people to work while they are some distance from their business location. Commercial vans may be fitted out with interiors which contain shelving and storage spaces. In these vans, some of the seating may have been removed in order to install power systems and equipment.

Conversion Van Rental

Rent Out a Van Today

You want to experience as much your Boston as possible on your trip, and think a conversion van rental is the best option. You can find a number of different types of van available for rent when you come to Adventure Vehicle Rental in Boston. We can even offer you advice about the right type of van for your requirements, and will give you multiple options from our range. To organize a van rental from us today, simply call (617) 783-3000 toll-free now.

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