Have An Exciting Adventure in New England with a Passenger Van Rental in Boston (Allston)

Holiday seasons are a time to make merry with family and friends. It is also a time for people to go out and see the world. If you are planning a road trip with your family or friends to New England, get a passenger van rental in Allston from Adventure Vehicle Rental. This rental is sure to make your adventure more exciting, affordable, and manageable.

Room for Everyone

If your trip includes a large group of people, more than ten family members or friends, you don’t have to worry about fitting everybody in. It will be no longer necessary for you to hire two or three vehicles for that purpose. With the large passenger van rentals in Allston, you will have ample space for luggage and everyone in your posse. There is also more room for making memories since you are traveling together in one vehicle. There’s not much chance that you’ll get lost or separated when everyone is in the same passenger van together. In a bid to make your holiday more affordable and manageable, you may be tempted to hire a van that is as small as possible. Therefore, you may be wondering what the right van is for you and your friends. There are different types of passenger vans available in the Boston (Allston) area ranging from 10 to 15 passenger vans. To ensure that there sufficient room for everyone in your traveling group, it is recommended to hire out a 15-passenger van. This is particularly useful if you are more than ten people on your trip.

Have An Exciting Adventure in New England with a Passenger Van Rental in Boston (Allston)


Holidays can get a little overwhelming, which means that if you’re traveling in separate cars, it’s easier to get separated. What everyone wants while on holiday is to be conveniently picked and dropped wherever and whenever they want. Furthermore, if you are bored with nearby attractions, you can take your friends all through the area with the passenger van rental. Adventure Vehicle Rental in Allston is open throughout the week, opening as early as 8 a.m. and closing as late as 6 p.m. on weekdays. If you are arriving by plane, it is a 10-minute drive from Logan Airport to the nearest rental. With more than one outlet in New England, Adventure Vehicle Rental is capable of offering customers a one-way service. This means that it is now possible for you to rent a van from one location and drive it to another. You do not have to drive it back to the outlet you rented it from. For instance, you can rent a passenger van from Boston (Allston) and drive it to the Sheraton Airport in Rhode Island.

How to Get a Convenient Van Rental Service

Quality rentals with affordable services mean that you will get the passenger van you are looking for. Adventure Car Rentals offers experienced and professional services that will provide you with a passenger van at a reasonable price. Make arrangements for a large passenger van from the Boston (Allston) outlet by calling (617) 783-3000 today.

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