Take Your Friends to New England with a 15 Passenger Van Rental in Boston

When people want to celebrate with a large group of friends, they are often forced to settle for somewhere in the immediate vicinity of their homes. They might go to the closest town or venture a bit further away to visit a nearby city. However, if you have been out with your friends several times now, then you might be already bored of nearby attractions, and wish that you could take your friends further afield. When you rent a 15 passenger van rental in Boston, you can have an exciting adventure in New England.

Get Everybody in the Back

You might have previously thought about taking yourself and your friends on holiday, but have always feared that you would need to take two or three cars in order to fit everybody in. Once you travel as a posse, the chances of getting lost and vehicles being damaged or stolen increase. All it takes is one fender bender and some of your group is now stuck in New England with no way to get home. With a larger passenger van, you can fit everybody in with room to spare, and you are travelling together in a single vehicle.

Take Your Friends to New England with a 15 Passenger Van Rental in Boston

Fitting Everybody In

If you are looking at the different types of passenger van available in New England, then you may be wondering what size of van you require. It might be tempting to hire a van which is as small as possible, to make it easier to drive and more affordable for you and your friends. However, we always recommend that if you have more than 10 people on your trip, you should hire out our 15-seater van to ensure that everybody is comfortable and has sufficient room to stretch out on the trip.

Rent from Us for A One-Way Journey

If you are coming on an adventure to New England, then you might decide to travel from one easy to each destination to another, and then travel back by plane or bus. You can do this with our one-way service, which allows you to hire a 15 passenger van rental in Boston, and then travel to Rhode Island without having to drive all the way back. We recommend that you use this method to reduce the amount of time that you have to spend driving. To make arrangements to pick up a large passenger van from our store in Boston, call us on (617)783-3000 today.

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