The Benefits of a Full-Size SUV Rental

Your long-awaited vacation is finally coming up in a few weeks, and you and your family cannot wait to get to your destination for some relaxation and fun. You have decided you are going to drive this year, but as the date starts to get closer, you come to the realization that your car may not be the best option for a trip like this. You and your family will be gone for a week or more, and plan on taking a lot of gear with you. For a long ride like this, it could be cramped and uncomfortable in your car. Now might be a good time for you to make other considerations for driving. You will see there are some great benefits of a full-size SUV rental for your vacation.

Ford passenger van

Get the Room You Need with an SUV

When you rent an SUV, you are sure to get all the room you need for your trip. The modern SUVs are designed for greater comfort for the passengers, so there is plenty of room to seat everyone. You can rent SUVs that hold five, six, or even seven passengers, giving plenty of room for everyone. You will also get a lot more trunk space than you are likely to have with your car. The extra storage space will allow you to fit everyone’s luggage and any other accessories you are planning to bring for your trip without any trouble.

A Better Ride with an SUV

A full-size SUV rental can provide you with a much better ride than what you will get in your car. The SUV you rent is likely to be a newer vehicle with the latest technology and features to give you a safer ride on the road. You can get a better sound system for listening to music, a GPS system to help with directions and places to stop and things like a backup camera so you can drive safer.

Where to Get Your SUV Rental

If you want a full-size SUV rental to use for your family vacation and are in the New England area, you can come to us at Adventure Car and Van Rental to get the vehicle you need. We have a great selection of vehicles to rent and have ten locations in New England that you can go to for your vehicle. We have fantastic SUVs at great rental rates so that you can have a fine, affordable SUV for your trip. You can book with us by using our online reservation system here on our website, or you can phone us toll-free at 617-783-3000, and one of our staff can assist you with your reservation.

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