Why a 15-Passenger Van Rental in Portland is Perfect for Your Luxury Trip

Taking road trips during holidays has become more popular with people in the recent past. To avoid high airline ticket costs and delayed flights, more people are choosing to drive to their desired holiday destination. With families and groups of friends traveling together, getting the right vehicle for the entire travel party can be quite tough.

When looking for that vehicle, it is essential to find something that provides enough leg room and space necessary for comfort and luxury along the way. With many rental places not offering many passenger vans, you can get the best deal on a 15-passenger van rental in Portland from Adventure Car and Van Rental.

This will ensure that the luxury trip to New England you were looking forward to is enjoyable for everyone.

Ample Space for Everyone

Not everyone has a vehicle that is large enough to fit their entire travel group as well as their luggage and other traveling equipment needed for a long trip. Hiring a 15-passenger van will mean that you are not trying to cram everyone into the family SUV.

A van provides you with all the extra room that you need to fit everyone. Enough leg-room and space in this van rental will make sure everyone is comfortable enough to enjoy the trip. What’s more, you can get your whole travel group into the van without trouble since they can seat up to 15 people and leave more room for luggage.

Renting a 4x4 SUV rental from Adventure Car and Van Rental in Warwick

Ideal Van for Vacations

It becomes challenging for people to get to a single destination if they are using different vehicles. What makes the 15-passenger van perfect for your holiday is that it can keep everyone in one vehicle with the multiple seats it has. This eliminates people trying to get to a holiday location in separate vehicles. You can also travel one way in style with this passenger van rental. When your holiday is over and you are hurrying to the airport so that you will not miss your flight, this is the ideal van to hire. You can get the whole group to the airport in time without having to bring back the vehicle. You can quickly drop the 15-passenger van rental at any of the multiple Adventure Car and Van Rental locations available in New England.


Adventure Car and Van Rental provides affordable options that allow you to enjoy your trip without having to worry about spending most of your holiday funds on van rentals. Using the services provided by the car and van rental, you can do proper research and reserve your 15-passenger van well in advance. This will go a long way towards making sure you remain within your holiday budget.

How to Get a Quality Ride

When you need a 15-passenger van rental in Portland for your luxury trip this year, visit Adventure Car and Van Rental. You can choose a van or car suitable for a large travel group from the wide variety available, thus ensuring you travel in luxury and comfort together. Visit AdventureVehicleRental.com to make a reservation online today, or call (866) 625-6007 to get assistance from one of our representatives.

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