Adventure Car and Van Rental in New England
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Long Term Rental

Business Car Leasing

Looking for a cost-effective way to fund vehicles for your business? Adventure Business Car Rental could be the perfect solution for you.

Simply hire a vehicle from us at a fixed monthly rate for an agreed period and contracted annual mileage.

At the end of the agreement, you return it to us. After that, you're free to take out a new contract for your next vehicle.

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Personal Car Leasing

Adventure Personal Car Leasing is a way to enjoy driving the car you want without the risks and hassle of ownership. It could be as tax efficient as running a company car, and is now available from Lex Autolease for private individuals looking for fixed-cost motoring.

All servicing and maintenance can be included in the monthly rental, giving you peace-of-mind that everything is running smoothly with no unpredictable costs.

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